Introducing the unique hand-made solid
wooden Winchester Wedding Chest.

For several years we have been making School Tuck Boxes, and these have attracted many positive comments from our customers such as:

It was perfect, couldn’t have been better” Erika Vickers

The boxes are wonderful and the boys are so pleased with them. Thank you for your hard work” Sarah Spier

The box is great – can’t think how you would improve it. We are planning on using it as a memory box once school use is finished” Harriet C

A constant stream of similar compliments kindled an existing thought that we would extend our range to produce boxes for other uses – we were busy and this idea got slightly pushed to the background until one tuck box customer made a special request. He had been searching in vain for a very special wedding gift for a dear friend. So, he asked Matthew Winton, our master craftsman, to produce a chest for his friend’s wedding album, photographs, videos and other mementos.

This was a great success and the Winchester Wedding Chest was born, and now Matthew has designed a range of chests specifically for the wedding market.

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